marriage without dating ep 10 raw binäre option broker seriös site de rencontre s inscrire app kosten site de rencontre sur iphone 4 rencontre 100 gratuit pour les femmes encontrar mujeres solteras en facebook god honoring dating relationship watch  Chiang Mai, Thailand  One day when I was finally able to drag myself out of bed… Jason and I stood side by side watching the muddy brown mysterious river run alongside our hotel. It was so different than anything we had ever seen. …so exotic.   We were completely entranced with its natural quite beauty and serenity, framed by lush… Read more →

Thai Elephant Home

Chang Mai, Thailand When we set off on this trip, one of our fantasizes was to visit an Elephant sanctuary–to live with, take care of and celebrate elephants.  After doing much research of this idea–we decided Thailand was definitely the best place to live out this fantasy.  However, as there seemed to be many “elephant sanctuaries” within Thailand –we soon… Read more →

Water World

Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok with its big city vibe midst beautiful natural cultural highlights was incredible.  One of our favorite experiences was the floating markets. We went by boat to a village built on stilts on the water.  The boats were essentially very fast canoes with a car engine strapped to the back.  This was hilarious and Jason was in heaven… Read more →

A Sweet Morning

Bangkok, Thailand The first morning I awoke very early; considering our late arrival was 12:00 am the night before.  I was eager to see just what Thailand had to offer.  I had grown up living next to a Thai family, but other than that had very limited knowledge of the place and the people.  It was 7 am and I… Read more →

Home away from home

Thailand We were staying in another apartment like we had in Beijing… We were excited to have our own kitchen, washer dryer and most importantly personal space.  Yay.. Separate bedrooms!!  We had figured out that it was cheaper to buy new clothes in Shanghai rather than send them to the cleaners.  Having our own washer and dryer was quite a… Read more →

The Back Backroom

Shanghai, China Before moving onto our next great destination I feel I have not yet justified the entire Shanghai shopping experience without mentioning the all mighty “backroom”. For those of you who have heard the myths—they are true.  Rest assured this modern day fairy tale does exist (for the time being).  The “backroom” is primarily used for luxury name brand… Read more →

Something New

Shanghai, China Every morning we walked hand In hand down this beautiful tree lined street to the nearby Starbucks.  The mornings were crisp but sunny.  We sat outside sipping our warm drinks: Jason coffee, Sonya Chai tea, Ella hot chocolate, and Ariana warm vanilla milk or tea; while enjoying our warm scones and yoghurt parfaits.  Most mornings we found ourselves… Read more →

Living The Dream

Click here to watch the video–Korea Formula One–Jason living the dream Seoul, Korea The highlight of our Korea trip was making one of Jason’s lifelong dreams come true!! A day at the Formula One race.  It had become a tease how the F1 tour was following us on our trip.  While in Singapore, we overlooked from our hotel room as… Read more →


Seoul, Korea We stayed in what was called the Gangham district.  It has become quite famous by the Psy song/video “Gangham Style”.  Gangham is one of Korea’s most affluent areas.  We enjoyed it primarily because it reminded us all of our beloved Los Angeles.  They even had a California Pizza Kitchen restaurant, which is one of the girls’ favorite restaurants… Read more →

Great Food!

Seoul, Korea  Who knew Korean food was so good and so fun to eat?  It is basically a mini customized BBQ at your very own table!!  We all enjoyed picking out different types of meat for grilling and dipping with delicious sauces.  Since the grilling takes time, and the portions are all bite sized, the whole experience is prolonged– allowing… Read more →