Something New

i am dating a muslim girl find exemple texte presentation site rencontre Discover More les sites de rencontre du monde site rencontre homme riches i thought about this Shanghai, China Every morning we walked hand In hand down this beautiful tree lined street to the nearby Starbucks.  The mornings were crisp but sunny.  We sat outside sipping our warm drinks: Jason coffee, Sonya Chai tea, Ella hot chocolate, and Ariana warm vanilla milk or tea; while enjoying our warm scones and yoghurt parfaits.  Most mornings we found ourselves… Read more →

Living The Dream

Click here to watch the video–Korea Formula One–Jason living the dream Seoul, Korea The highlight of our Korea trip was making one of Jason’s lifelong dreams come true!! A day at the Formula One race.  It had become a tease how the F1 tour was following us on our trip.  While in Singapore, we overlooked from our hotel room as… Read more →


Seoul, Korea We stayed in what was called the Gangham district.  It has become quite famous by the Psy song/video “Gangham Style”.  Gangham is one of Korea’s most affluent areas.  We enjoyed it primarily because it reminded us all of our beloved Los Angeles.  They even had a California Pizza Kitchen restaurant, which is one of the girls’ favorite restaurants… Read more →

Great Food!

Seoul, Korea  Who knew Korean food was so good and so fun to eat?  It is basically a mini customized BBQ at your very own table!!  We all enjoyed picking out different types of meat for grilling and dipping with delicious sauces.  Since the grilling takes time, and the portions are all bite sized, the whole experience is prolonged– allowing… Read more →

Self Destruction

Seoul, Korea   Ego…That’s where I have to start with Korea.  I believe that the whole ego driven motor metaphor that I referred to my ego post–is what is driving the entire country of Southern Korea. I would even go as far to say that this vehicle is currently driving completely and totally out of control; possibly wrecking havoc on… Read more →

Let go of my ego

Seoul, Korea I feel like I have delayed writing the most about this location…  For loyal readers; I  apologize and I also thank you for keeping with me…  Sometimes I feel like I should be writing everything possible, every single day about every single experience….but this seems impossible.  We keep extremely busy traveling, packing, unpacking, researching, exploring and simply attempting… Read more →

Preparing for battle…

Shanghai, China We were very excited to arrive to Shanghai!! After traveling for about 3 months we were looking forward to arriving to a familiar place.  Jason has been working out of Shanghai for the past 10 years and his friend and business partner—Omar, along with his wife Farida, were planning to visit us from Los Angeles!!  Yay!! We were… Read more →

Beijing the Great!

Beijing, China Everything in Beijing was Great!  Even our room!! It was larger than the size of our apartment in Los Angeles. The girls each had their own rooms and bathrooms… it was nice for each of us to stretch out and have our own space and be able to close and lock our own door!! The hotel was walking… Read more →

Living in the moment

Hong Kong, China Jason and I marvel at our compatibility at times. One day before leaving Singapore;  we are just finalizing the booking of our hotel stay for the next day in Hong Kong.  We may have our differences at times but we both admit there is not another person in the world that could put up with our travel… Read more →