Simply but a dream

site rencontre 24 Day 3 Thai Elephant Home It was a difficult morning. Jason wasn’t sure what hurt more—his throat from fighting off sickness, his head from drinking too much the night before, his chafed knees from squeezing too hard or his heart from having to say goodbye to his elephant.  We were all dragging, knowing we would have to say goodbye today. … Read more →

Magnificent Creatures

get redirected here Thai Elephant Home After only one-day delay we were on the road…Yay!! We had our bags packed full of mosquito spray and sunblock.  Mr. ‘I prefer horsepower engines over real horse power…’ Couldn’t even begin to get his head around the concept of riding an elephant!!!! It was early and we were driving further and further away from civilization and… Read more →

Majestic bdswiss bewertung  Chiang Mai, Thailand  One day when I was finally able to drag myself out of bed… Jason and I stood side by side watching the muddy brown mysterious river run alongside our hotel. It was so different than anything we had ever seen. …so exotic.   We were completely entranced with its natural quite beauty and serenity, framed by lush… Read more →

Thai Elephant Home

rencontrer la fille de son conjoint Chang Mai, Thailand When we set off on this trip, one of our fantasizes was to visit an Elephant sanctuary–to live with, take care of and celebrate elephants.  After doing much research of this idea–we decided Thailand was definitely the best place to live out this fantasy.  However, as there seemed to be many “elephant sanctuaries” within Thailand –we soon… Read more →

Water World

agence rencontre femme ukraine Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok with its big city vibe midst beautiful natural cultural highlights was incredible.  One of our favorite experiences was the floating markets. We went by boat to a village built on stilts on the water.  The boats were essentially very fast canoes with a car engine strapped to the back.  This was hilarious and Jason was in heaven… Read more →

The Back Backroom

visit here Shanghai, China Before moving onto our next great destination I feel I have not yet justified the entire Shanghai shopping experience without mentioning the all mighty “backroom”. For those of you who have heard the myths—they are true.  Rest assured this modern day fairy tale does exist (for the time being).  The “backroom” is primarily used for luxury name brand… Read more →