Water World

rencontres koumac Bangkok, Thailand

rencontre femme phuket Bangkok with its big city vibe midst beautiful natural cultural highlights was incredible.  One of our favorite experiences was the floating markets. We went by boat to a village built on stilts on the water.  The boats were essentially very fast canoes with a car engine strapped to the back.  This was hilarious and Jason was in heaven as we screamed along in the water passing by houses and people in this quaint village accessible only by boat.

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citas en linea argentina It was amazing how these people managed to live with water surrounding them on all sides. Kids were playing out front of their houses in the water like other children would play in their front yards.  They didn’t even change into swim suits.  They were literally wearing regular clothes as they moved in and out of the water.  While some really young children simply wore no clothes at all.  The houses were very rickety and the overall state of living seemed very poor… However, everyone we saw were quite happy and content sitting on their wooden porch chairs waving hello as we zoomed by.


rencontre femmes maroc The market place was alive with exciting sounds and vibrant colors.  Everyone was caught up in their own personal bargaining conversation.  Everything you could need or want was there by boat.  You didn’t even need to get out.  From food shopping,  fresh fruits , vegetables, and meats to housewares and clothing items.  We directed, our boat driver to places of interest and he would pull up alongside to allow the negotiation to start.  Of course most items were marketed up by at least double their fair market value.   Once the deal was sealed he would head off to the next enticing shopping area.   It was great shopping by boat!! The girls and I loved it for the shopping and Jason for the fast “James Bond” boat experience.  We ate fresh pineapple and papaya and drank juice from a coconut as we cruised around. The scenery was so incredible… It was as if the whole village was built in the middle of palm grove swamp land.  I struggled to understand why of all places they chose to build/live were there?  Everyone seemed quite content and we had an amazing time peaking into their wonderful water world for a day.


introduction site de rencontre exemple We all bought something to remember the day by–the girls and I got clothing, chopsticks, bags and a stuffed animal–Jason got to live out “The Man with the Golden Gun” chase scene.


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