A Sweet Morning

site de rencontre lesbienne DSC_4027Bangkok, Thailand
The first morning I awoke very early; considering our late arrival was 12:00 am the night before.  I was eager to see just what Thailand had to offer.  I had grown up living next to a Thai family, but other than that had very limited knowledge of the place and the people.  It was 7 am and I decided to venture off to find a market for breakfast food.  As i entered the lobby, the day was smiling and welcoming me.  It was so bright and beautiful and immediately put a smile on my face.  After testing the areas knowledge of English at the hotel front desk–I was off.  I had snuck out of this dark quite slumber of a room and was suddenly transported into a buzzing beehive of activity.  Bangkok was alive and awake!! And I felt like an invisible witness to their busy game of existence.  So much activity, so much intensity.  I was happily caught up and lost in it.  Passing by energetic workers–fresh tea, flowers, and fruit stands guided my way and kept me entertained along my walk. The tea stands were where the activity was mainly centered.  People gathered around them like mini cocktail bars…mixing, blending, shaking and pouring delicious concoctions over ice on this already hot balmy morning.  I decided once my essential shopping was done–I would indulge.

best site After a good bit of walking, and not finding the market; I settled for a 711.  So far we have realized that 711, Subway, McDonald’s and Starbucks could pretty much overtake the world if they decided.  There has not been one place that we have not seen them on every block in every city.  Basically we are surrounded… After getting my breakfast basics, I head off to quench  my thirst and curiosity about this new drink.  I pointed to the picture and offered to pay by opening my hand full of unknown coins. Like a kid buying candy–the lady smiled at me and counted out the amount.  One sip and I understood what all the buzz was about.  As I ventured back to the room to prepare breakfast; I stopped to buy some fresh fruit for Jason and flower leis for the girls.  There was a church nearby and the flower leis, that resembled more of a bracelet, were being used for the offerings–as well as burning incense.  The smell was intoxicating.  The bright, warm morning air was filled with the sweet fragrance of flowers and mystical incense.  It was both surreal and perfect.

http://pierreduquoc.fr/?krempay=sondages-sites-de-rencontre&72d=a5 As I very slowly and quietly re-entered the room; it was as if I were returning from another world.  The room was dark, still, silent and untouched.  I couldn’t wait to share with them.  The whole experience was delicious and I could only imagine what more amazing adventures this energetic exotic land had to offer.

conocer chicas en bremen btw, the secret ingredient to their tea was condensed sweet milk : ) A sweet beautiful beginning!!

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