Living The Dream

The highlight of our Korea trip was making one of Jason’s lifelong dreams come true!! A day at the Formula One race.  It had become a tease how the F1 tour was following us on our trip.  While in Singapore, we overlooked from our hotel room as they transformed the streets into a world-class F1 racetrack.  We left just days before the Singapore F1 hit town.  This enticed Jason to look further into our trip to identify when he might finally be able to live out his dream… And Korea was the place!   After some last minute changes, frantic chaotic running here and there and a lot of extra money spent; there we were…. living the dream–sitting right on the starting grid of the F1 in Korea!! You could feel the excitement radiate from Jason; sparkling through his eyes, as we all watched and guarded our ears listening to the high pitched beasts roar their engines.   So loud, so intense –as though they would explode right before our eyes!! Round after round… circuit after circuit… they screamed by us; wagging their tails, shaking our world.  So intense, so amazing, so worth it!!!


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